Sunday, May 15, 2011


After a successful spring of racing, it's time for some downtime.  My idea of downtime is probably a little bit different than you're thinking though.  I'm training for a 5k now.

For those that aren't aware, I'm just a few months shy from having run every day for 5 years.  Needless to say, my idea of recovery time is a little unconventional.  (As a word of warning, I rarely recommend my training approach to others.  While it appears to work for me so far, it definitely is not for everyone.)  Obviously, I don't intend on taking any days completely off, but I do feel the need for a change of pace - literally and figuratively.  That's why I'm taking a break from the single-minded focus of ultras to have some fun running in a couple 5k's.

The long range goal is still the World 100k championships in September, so I won't completely ignore the long stuff, there will just be more emphasis on speed in my hard workouts.  I realize this plan is not without risk, but I think I can manage my training intelligently and listen to my body well enough to make it through sans injury.  I might even jump in a local 50k or two this summer to use as fun and aided long runs.

I'm thinking my goal 5k will be the Hyde Park Blast on June 25th.  This is a very popular event that is within warmup distance of my house.  There is a separate elite 5k race that I went to watch last year shortly after we moved to Cincinnati.  While I know I won't be close to the sub-15 shape that it takes to win the Blast, it looked like it would be a ton of fun.  My company is also holding a 5k onsite earlier in June that I'm thinking might make a good tune-up before the big dance.  So, that's my recovery plan.  

Here's what I did this week, now two weeks past the Flying Pig Marathon:
Tuesday: 3 mi warmup, 2x1600 (5:02, 5:06) w/400m + 2x800m (2:26, 2:25) w/400m + 4x400m @71s w/200m + 4x200m @34s w/200m. 2.5 mi cooldown. 
Friday: 3 mi warmup, 6 mi marathon pace run averaging 5:40s, 3 mi cooldown
Sunday: 17 mi easy long run just under 7 min pace.
All other days easy to add up to 75 miles for the week.

On Tuesday, the miles and 800s were surprisingly easy, but the 400s and 200s were tough.  Friday's workout was unexpectedly good for as tired as I was Wed. and Thurs. following my 5k workout.

Time to go recover...


  1. I am sure you have seen this, but I am curious...any regrets on passing this up?

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